Residents occupy a bedroom with ensuite in a shared house environment under a shared tenancies lease. Each room, with a full ensuiteand wardrobe, is a secure private space for each resident to enjoy. Encouraging socialisation and easing feelings of loneliness, the kitchen, living, and dining area in the home is a shared space where residents can enjoy socialising with their housemates. Our homes are designed to facilitate a collaborative “community” culture where residents share similar interests and values and look out for each other.

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    Dual Income Property

    Home Builder Grant

    In the wake of COVID-19, there are new and exciting opportunities for first home buyers via the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder Grant scheme.

    If you are an eligible first time buyer, you can apply for a first time home builder grant worth up to $25,000 in order to build a new home (the offer is also available for existing homeowners to undertake renovations).

    In order to qualify for grants for building a new home, you need to enter into a contract by 31December 2020, with work beginning within three months of the contract being signed, The new home builders grant is means tested, with individuals who earn up to $125,000 or couples who have a combined income of up to $200,000 eligible to apply. For access to the grant, the value of a
    house and land package will be capped at $750,000.

    First Home Owner Grant 

    The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is an assistance scheme designed to help first home buyers to raise a deposit or to make the purchase price of a residential property more affordable.

    If you are considering applying for a first time buyer grant, it is important to know that it is administered by state governments rather than at federal level, and so the availability of first time homeowner grants, the eligibility conditions and the amount to which you may be entitled will vary depending on where you live.

    In NSW, the home owners grant is worth $10,000 towards the purchase price of buying or building your first home. This is conditional on it being a new home that no-one has lived in before and it is worth no more than $750,000. You will also be required to move into the new home within 12 months after purchase (or 12 months  after construction is complete if you’re buying land and building a new home), and you must then live there for at least six continuous months.

    First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme

    The First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme offers a stamp duty waiver for first time buyers in NSW. If the property you are proposing to buy is worth less than $800,000, the State Government will waive stamp duty, which can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing your first home.

    First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS)

    The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) as an additional form of assistance now available for the first time home buyer in Sydney and across NSW. In essence, it makes a first time home buyer loan easier to obtain because the amount of deposit funds you need to be able to access is reduced.  

    Most lenders in Australia require a deposit equal to 20% of the value of the home before they will offer you a first time buyer mortgage. However, if you apply through an approved lender, you can buy a home with as little as 5% deposit. This is because up to 15% of the property value is guaranteed by your participation in the scheme. 

    To be eligible for this first time buyer program, the value of a new property in Sydney and regional centres including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Illawarra is capped at $700,000. Elsewhere in NSW, the maximum value of a property that you can buy under the scheme is $450,000.

    We can help you to find the best mortgage lenders for first time buyers who are participating in the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. It is important to note that this assistance is only available to 10,000 applicants each year, and you will be subject to conditions including an income test and a prior property ownership test.

    Specialist advice when you’re buying your first home

    If you have been trying to get a foot on the Sydney property ladder, you will know how hard it can be. However, at High Income Property we specialise in providing a range of support services for first home buyers. We also offer expert advice on how to apply for a range of state and federal assistance packages, including the first time home builder grant, the new home owners grant, and first house stamp duty waiver.


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