Dual Income Properties - Make the most of Your Assets

Building TWO self-contained homes within a single building project is a great way to increase the yields from your investment property. Separate rental agreements mean that you can DOUBLE your rental income and build equity instantly, while generating positive cash flow in high growth areas of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria & Western Australia.


Starts at $850,000

Dual Key

Starts at 650,000

Equity Uplift

10% expected at completion

Rental Returns

4.5%- 6% per annum

Rental Vacancy

Lower than 3%

High Growth Areas


Positive Cash Flow

Investment Strategy

Min. Deposit

Or Equity required is $80K

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    The Benefits of Investing in Dual Income Property

    If you are seeking property investment advice for the first time, or even if you already have some experience in real estate investing, you will no doubt be aware that there are a range of investment strategies available to you, depending on your circumstances, access to funds, financial goals, etc. 

    One of the most popular property investment strategies in Australia currently is to purchase a dual income property.

    A dual income property will usually feature two self-contained homes within a singe building structure, both of which produce rental income.


    The most common form of dual income property is a duplex, where two adjoining properties are situated on land with a single title, although the term is also sometimes used to refer to a residential building split into two homes.


    You may also see the term being used in reference to dual occupancy properties (two properties on the same land that are not adjoining) and dual key properties (where two discrete properties share the same front door). In some cases, a home with a granny flat may also be referred to as a dual income property.


    If you are considering investing in property, there are a number of advantages to going down the dual income property route. However, the way in which you structure your investment in terms of the income it generates will depend on your investment goals going forward.

    For instance, you need to decide whether you are looking for your investment property to generate positive cash flow so that you are able to see returns instantly, or whether it better suits your needs if it is a negatively geared property, with the aim of delivering long term capital growth.

    Positive Cash Flow

    Positive cash flow is an important reason why purchasing a dual income property is one of the most popular investment strategies available. This term (you may also see it referred to as a positive income property or positively geared property) means that the rental income derived from your investment property is greater than the costs associated with owning and maintaining it.

    In essence, this means that after the mortgage and interest repayments have been met, as well as holding costs such as maintenance, repairs, property taxes, etc., you end up with a cash profit each month. While this amount may not be huge, it does nevertheless mean that while you are buying an investment property, you are also getting an immediate return in the form of passive income, in addition to all the long-term benefits that accrue from real estate investing.

     A positive income property is also one of the most effective ways of building prosperity through property, as you are able to generate cash either to pay off the mortgage on the property more quickly, or to obtain further lending in order to grow your property portfolio. It does, however, have to be borne in mind that any profit you make from your investment property is taxable.

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