Co-living Property : A New Trend in Investment Housing

At a time when all sectors of the Australian property market are booming, there is a new rental market emerging that presents an exciting opportunity for property investors.

Largely taken up by young professionals (both singles and couples), co-living properties are a more contemporary version of the traditional house share or flat share, and are also an ideal opportunity for those looking to invest in property.

What is co-living property investment?

What has become increasingly apparent in recent years is that many rental properties are not fulfilling the needs of a new generation of tenant.

Young professionals and white collar workers who might not be able to afford to rent on their own are nevertheless increasingly demanding a greater degree of personal space than a shared rental property can usually provide.

Co-living properties are purpose designed homes with features that create more privacy, like individual rooms with their own bathrooms, and other private spaces (such as private lockable pantries) in what is otherwise a conventional 2, 3 or 4 bedroom, modern house.

In this way, a single tenant or a couple in a co-living property get the best of both worlds — privacy when they want it, combined with a built-in social group and ongoing support from housemates, with the added bonus of no owner or landlord living on the premises.

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    What are the benefits of co-living property for investors?

    Just as many conventional rental properties do not fully meet the needs of tenants, at the same time landlords, property owners and investors are not always obtaining the levels of rental income that they might from properties that are capable of housing multiple tenants, as the available space is not being fully utilised.  

    However, a 2, 3 or 4 (or more) bedroom house with self-contained bedrooms could potentially bring in significantly more rent through letting out these rooms individually. 

    For instance, if a 3 bedroom property that might fetch $400 a week is rented out as a co-living property, each self-contained bedroom might be rented out for around $250 a week, bringing the total income derived from the property to $750 weekly. 

    In this way, the entire space is being utilised more effectively, which leads to a significant increase in rental income.  

    In addition, having multiple rental agreements on the same property means that if one of the en-suite bedrooms is vacant for any length of time, there is still income coming in from the other room(s).  

    Furthermore, co-living properties in attractive locations both in capital cites and regional centres with easy access to facilities and good infrastructure are expected to be increasingly in demand, and so there is no anticipated downturn in demand.

    What is seniors co-living?

    Not only is our population ageing, but research shows that fewer Australian retirees will own their own home in the future. As such, there is increasing demand across the country for a rental market that caters specifically to retirees and older Australians in order to meet this growing demographic’s changing needs. 

    Seniors co-living is increasingly catering for the very specific needs of this sector of society, and is expected to become even more important in the future. 

    Therefore, investing in seniors co-living property not only means you are making a sound investment in your own future, but you are also making a contribution to bettering the futures of a potentially neglected group of Australians.

    High Income Property makes it easy to invest in co-living property

    At High Income Property, we can facilitate your move into co-living property investment.

    We can provide you with a choice of investment properties that have been developed specifically for co-living in popular locations with high demand.  

    Our team can also assist you at every stage of the process, including:

    • Advertising your property;
    • Holding inspections and open houses;
    • Finding and screening suitable tenants;
    • Signing of leases and other relevant agreements;
    • Liaising with tenants;
    • Managing your property and holding regular inspections; and
    • Managing the receipt of rents.

    To find out more, call High Income Property on (02) 8007 4001 or email info@highincomeproperty.com.au and we will be happy to help you start your property investment journey.

    DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is for general interest and is not intended as advice. For advice and planning, consult an experienced financial planner and specialist. We can introduce you with our panel of accredited specialists to assist you. We specialise in researching and locating the right property for your needs.

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